For personal projects and for fun, I find myself in need of models and animations to light and render. I am actively searching out others who wish to collaborate with me with this. I am looking for the best models and animations out there done by people with little time or desire for the lighting end of their scenes. I work with Maya although if you have your scenes in another program we might be able to work something out. I will light your scenes/models/animations and will give you complete credit for your end on my breakdown sheet and lighting reel. (Of course, you would get your Maya files back with all the lighting set-up so you can re-use it.) The only thing I ask is that you return the favor by crediting me with the lighting of your scenes on your packages as well. That way wherever my reel gets sent to, your content goes with your name and vice versa. I believe this can be an excellent arrangement as we will both get something out of it in the end. So far I have several of my friends and students collaborating with me and the idea seems to be catching on. The type of content I am searching for is extremely varied: cartoony, abstract, photorealistic, landscape, character based, still life pieces etc. If you think your work fits my description and you want it lit by a guy who loves to bring out the best in a render, contact me and we’ll make it happen together!