My name is Wes Brown and I am an animation producer, project manager and lighting TD/3d Generalist currently living and working in Orlando Florida. With 15 years industry experience under my belt, I’ve been fortunate enough to dip my hand into all kinds of computer animation projects ranging from theme park work (SeaWorld's Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, the Men in Black ride at Universal studios, Storm Struck at EPCOT), to scientific visualization (the Space Shuttle Columbia Investigation) and almost anything in-between (sports animations, TV shows for Discovery, History Chanel and PBS as well as multimeda installations and jumbo-tron openers).

I'm a team oriented player and in terms of client management, I know how to walk the fine line of taking care of a client while keeping them within the parameters of the project they signed up for. When I manage teams of artists and animators, my background in production art allows me first-hand insight into the design process, eliminating any ambiguity or confusion between the creative team and the client contact.